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Hi, my name is Rain a Mass Communication student from the Philippines. I just want to ask, what is your opinion about Universalism VS. Cultural Relativism and as an expert in your field, which is better for the religeous sector, Is it the implementation of the Univeralism doctrine or the retention of cultural relativism in a country?

Hope you find time answering my questions. Thank you.

Dear Miss Rain,

I do not normally answer homework questions but since you are a Pinay and I am a resident of Quezon City, I thought I would make an exception to that rule.

Universalism is the doctrine that accepts the truth that all beings will be "saved". Relativism is an atheistic belief that there are no absolutes.

Therefore, to succinctly answer your question, the former is preferable to the latter.

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Hoping you and your family have a happy and healthy Christmas season.

Hesus ay Hari!

Reverend Fr. Eslam,
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