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Adam wrote at 2013-01-21 08:47:39
Mahesh, To accept the BoM as truth and God's word is to accept Mormonism as truth. You can not have one without the other. Yes, Joesph Smith was a false prophet, but this man authored the BoM. He taught that the BoM is the most correct book on this earth and that a man could get nearer to God by it's precepts alone. He stated that the BoM is the 'keystone of [their] religion. You can not separate the LDS church from the BoM. There are many places where the Book of Mormon contradicts what the Bible teaches. Sadly I have not the space to list them here. If the Book of Mormon were truly God's word, it's teachings would align with those of the Bible, but they do not. As for that last question, if I understand correctly, you are asking why God allows evil to happen? To try and give a short, concise, and easily understood answer will be difficult but I will try. There are generally three wills of God. His Decreetive will, His prescriptive will, and His permisive will. His decretive will are such things like 'Let there be light'. His prescriptive will are such things like 'Do not murder'. His permisive will are such things like man's ability to make his own choices according to his nature. Since we live in a fallen state, and all men are born natural (and expert) sinners, he has a sin nature. Our free-will allows us to make choices according to our nature, that which is sin. From sin, naturally results evil. However, The Bible teaches that God is ultimately soveriegn over everything that happens, good or evil. The story of Joseph's brothers selling him into slavery is a wonderful example. His brothers are held responsible, yet Joseph ultimately attributes God with bringing the brothers' actions for the good of Joseph and his family and the people of egypt and the surrounding lands. No, God is not the author of evil, He allows it to 'work all things to the council of his will'. Hopefully, that answers your question.

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It would be my pleasure to answer questions that challenge the Christian viewpoint in general, as well as be given the opportunity to ask questions in return for the purpose of assisting someone who is seeking the truth to see and understand for themselves how everything points to Jesus the Christ. I maintain a simplistic, yet highly challenging Christian religion that is based exclusively on the Bible, as the inspired Word of God. I especially enjoy answering and discussing topics which involve the trinity of God and how the Old Testament affirms Christ as God in the flesh, Christianity vs. Islam, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Catholic and Atheistic faiths, as well as science and the history of belief systems in relation to Christianity. Thank you for taking the time to explore things! I pray that you would know the Truth, and conform your life to it.


I have been a Christian for 9yrs. Within those years, starting from very early on, I have been exposed to various belief systems and faiths which have encouraged me to examine what I believe in the face of so many different arguments against it, and have learned that the truth can in fact be discovered, defended, and lived out. I have researched the subjects of science, predestination/ freewill, "Once saved, always saved?", the trinity of God, hell, and most recently the subject of evangelism for all believers coupled with simple, practical and bold methods of sharing faith in Christ. I do my own personal research using generic resources to generate a question base, explore the available information on those questions from the authoritive sources of doctrines pertaining to that belief system, conduct personal interviews with current believers, cross examine the answers given with the translations, contextual interpretations and supporting Scriptures of the Bible (as well as examine whether or not the argument can even hold up using logic), then take all the points of concern and run them through the above mentioned filter until there is an accurately defined objection which can be made, covering all sides of the argument. Why bother with all of this? Because the truth of what we know does exist and can be found. God is the source of all truth and has made a way for us to know it. He even uses the simple things to confound those who are wise in their own eyes. Using these basic methods, my wife and I continue to adopt more challenging perspectives within our faith that often times disagrees with popular 'christian' teachings.

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