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This design is on an old T-Shirt I came across. I can find no information about what organization it may be associated with. Here's what I do know: It was made in Morocco and distributed by Fruit of the Loom International. I can translate most of the words on the shirt, but have no idea what some of it means. Here's my interpretation so far:
Del Cielo y De La Tierra - OF HEAVEN AND EARTH
Mezcla De Las Tres - MIX OF THE THREE

Can you shed any light on who or what organization is associated with this symbol? See attached for picture. Thank you very much for your time!

Dear Connie,

Sorry this is not part of any existing Religious Methodology or Spiritual Group that I am aware of.

To be honest I believe this is a representation of the City Of Toledo Spain, instead of any specific spiritual or religious reference.

Because of its history Toledo was known historically for its openness to religious and philopophical thought, as such it was a hevan for all three majory religous systems durring the Moorish period.

I hope that this was helpful.



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