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What religion is closest to the truth and why?

Dear Danne,
Thank you for your question.

There is but ONE religion and that is to LOVE the Lord God with all one's heart, mind and strength. The reason is because the word "religion" originates from the Latin verb "religare" meaning "to join or unite". Thus, religion means to unite with the Supreme. The method of union with the Supreme Person is to love God with all one’s heart, mind and strength. All good qualities ensue from this one action. Love is a verb, not a noun. The essence of love is the desire for all living beings to find true happiness. When we want the best for all creatures, then we can honestly say that we love everybody equally. One who appears to love one person more than another in fact loves nobody. True love revolves around sacrificing one’s selfish desires for those of his or her superiors, whether that be one's parents, husband, employer or spiritual master, even if they are imperfect. Should a child disobey its mother just because the mother is flawed? Of course not! This paradigm is applicable to everyone without exception.

Rev. Eslam,
God's Prophet on Earth.

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