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I am seeking to understand more regarding the world religions and more or less the TRUTH. I was wondering if you could answer a few questions?

I am wondering which scripture is the more likely to be the word of God? The Vedas or The Bible? Which of the two is more backed by archeology, sciences (Astronomy, psychology, cosmology, Medicinal etc etc)and internal and external reliability of text (regarding contradictions and external sources that can verify the claims) .......Thanks

Dear Danne,
Thank you for your question.

Many persons seem to have an attachment to certain religious scriptures. There are indeed many useful precepts in such books (or in the case of the scripture you are now reading, leaflet) but the fact remains that God/Goddess is a PERSON and God's authority is delegated via PERSONS rather than through books, no matter how enlightening they may seem to be. A book cannot speak. A book cannot answer one's inquiries. Therefore, how can a book teach? Only a PERSON can teach. God/Goddess gives His/Her teaching authority through PERSONS known as priests or prophets.

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Rev. Eslam,
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