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Dear John Mason

I have listed the following types of relationships arising from interfaith interaction.

Intolerance (unconstructive actions)
Indifference (not prepared to provide aid and assistance)
Understanding (address the circumstance where people may be scared of what they do not know)
Tolerance (willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with)
Respect (A feeling of deep admiration for someone and possibly yielding to their opinion or judgement)
Trust (Firm reliance on the integrity, character, strength, ability, surety of a person)

1) Do you agree with the sequencing of types of relationships as outlined above?
2) Is trust the highest level online relationship that can be achieved with the other/outsider?
3) Can respect and trust be achieved with any follower of a particular religion based on their religious belief or just with an individual person on a personal basis?

Many thanks

The list of relationships seems to conflate different kinds of relationship between people. Is the topic personal, social, private, public, business relationships?
It is not always relevant what another person's religion is;  or if relevant, in what ways it should be considered.
There need to be narratives about contact between different people to have anything concrete to say about what sort of relationship they are going to form, or ought to form. In other words, the list of stages is reasonable but seems vague.

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