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Greetings to you Rev. Eslam!

This website has found me and I wanted to take advantage of the blessings it'll bring.
My question is, have you ever heard of, or studied The Urantia Book?

If heard of and studied any of it, how do you think it matches up with New Testament scripture, modern day social movement and our (human) emotional evolution?

I look forward to hearing your response.


Dear Lar (my intuition tells me "Larissa"?),

Please excuse my tardy response as your initial email was channeled into my junk mail folder for some unbeknown reason (which I think may be a first for an allexperts email).

No, I haven't heard of that book I'm afraid. However, I just found its Wikipedia entry and will inquire into the work.

God/Goddess is ALWAYS revealing Him/Herself to humanity and it is impossible to keep up with all such purported revelations.

Rev. Eslam
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