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QUESTION: Hi, my mother has a Dell monitor and a Dell computer tower.  It runs Microsoft XP.  For several months now her computer monitor will go off when the screen saver comes on.  She has to manually turn the monitor back on by pressing the power button on the monitor.  She seems to think it is the computer doing it and I think it is probably the monitor with the problem.  Do you think it is a computer software problem or a monitor problem?

ANSWER: almost every glitch to a personal computer goes to the application could try to remove the screensaver or change because its the program that causing the monitor to turn off...go to desktop and right click in any place of the monitor and choose properties....then you would find the screensaver tab and you could replace or remove them....if problem persist just tell me and i would reply...cause maybe a virus is affecting the monitor...


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QUESTION: She said she has tried changing the screen saver but it still does it.  It happens when she gets up and leaves her computer for a few minutes and comes back.


then its the monitor automatic shut off that takeover and turns the monitor off...i would suggest to do again the same proceedings i have written ...on the monitor screen , right click at any place then choose properties and you would see tabs and pick the screensaver tab.  After that on the lower part of the screensaver tab is the monitor power the power settings and another display will pop-up and says power option properties...under that is the "settings for minimal power management power scheme"  the turn off monitor is there and try to change its value to never....hope this helps....


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