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QUESTION: I have an HP hPE8-1010 with a 1TB sata hd 6Gb/s 7200rpm, 8gb of ram, Radeon 6550 graphics card, 2nd gen I5 processor and carmel motherboard (Hps name of a pegatron motherboard).  I have been trying to add a second hd for sometime now and keep getting errors.  The second hd is a hd I got for my mother awhile back, 80gb SATA/IDE 3Gb/s 5400 rpm(I believe) and yes it has connection for both SATA and IDE.  But it is defaulted to SATA, with a jumper on the back to change to IDE. I have a bridge to connect it externally (which is how I removed all the viruses and formatted it) so I know it works.  But when I connect it in  SATA position 1,2 (TB hd is in SATA0, CDrom in SATA3) my computer doesn't boot.  It freezes at the win7 screen, BIOS does not detect the 80gb HD either.  I have flashed and updated the BIOS, tried switching the hd positions around, all end with the computer not booting.  Most changes freeze at win7 boot screen, one just keeps restarting when it hits that screen.  And the changes are changing the SATA position of the hds and cddrive and the HD emulation mode available in my BIOS, ASHI or IDE.  There is one configuration with both HD's connected that BIOS detected the 80gb but then it didn't detect the 1TB hd.  I thought it was whatever HD was in the lowest SATA position but when I tried that again it never detected the 80gb.  I wanted to install the hd to put linux on it so I can have two seperate hds with different OSs' cause everytime I dual boot on one hd I have problems.  I appreciate any help you can give, and I did try google this problem multiple times, there is not much out there, at least for my computer/motherboard.

ANSWER: Hi Devon,

You DO have a confusing situation!  What I would do is check it with your Windows computer management tools.  Hook the 80 gb drive up externally with your bridge/usb adapter, boot up into windows and look at `my computer'.  If you cannot see the external drive it is not configured properly.  Go to control>admin tools>computer management>storage>disk management.  You should see your 1tb drive and, also, your external drive.  In the left screen if your external drive shows `healthy' there is no reason it shouldn't work. However, if it gives you an error message like `not initialized' right click on it and fix the problem.

I know you said you could access it earlier, but you may have missed something.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Ok just tried that and it works fine, shows up healthy and all.  If there is anything else to try let me know.  Thanks for your help.

Hi again Devon,

I am just guessing it is a Windows 7 problem.  As cheap as hard drives are these days you could just buy a new one and try it - or partition your 1TB drive.  Another option would be to pick up a cheap USB external drive.  Don't forget that if you are trying to run a second OS on your computer you will need matching drivers to make it work.

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