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QUESTION: My problem is that the desktop I use sometimes runs slow and stalls
The operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate
The  processor  is a 1.65 gigahertz Intel Pentium dual.

The amount of RAM I have is 2 Gigabytes and the hard drive has 119.91 Gigabytes of usable  capacity.

I think I may need a faster processor
Can you recommend what type of processor I should get and how many gigahertz I may need?

ANSWER: I can't say this with 100% certainty but I think with a dual core processor and Windows 7, you are not running enough RAM. If your OS is 64bit you can go over 4GB (if your motherboard will hold that much), but I bet it will hold 4GB. Get back with me on what kind of motherboard you have and I can be more certain about the RAM. In my experience the easiest and most expensive way to increase the performance of a PC is to install the maximum amount of RAM that is compatible with the motherboard.

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QUESTION: My system is 32-bit .
The motherboard is an Abit IP35 pro.

Check out this link:
The maximum amount of RAM your motherboard will hold is 8GB. You should at least go up to 4 and do some research into whether you would have to upgrade to a 64 bit OS or just do a BIOS update to add even more. I am 99.9% sure the reason your system is sluggish is because of a bottleneck that is occurring due to lack of RAM. If you are doing anything video intensive and not running a video card, the onboard video chip uses RAM also.
I would advise going to to buy more RAM.

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