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QUESTION: I am facing problem with my 500 gb external hard drive which i am not able to browse in. it is detected as a mass storage device but no drive appears in 'my computer' ... neither in disk management. led light inside the case blinks and it also vibrates when connected. i tried to connect it with other cord, in another computer and i also opened the case and tried to clean it but the response was the same.
a few days before this happened, it gave me a warning to format but i could not because it had many files and space wasn't sufficient to create the backup.
i also hear beep sound from my speakers regularly after a few time intervals when i connect the hd.

thanks for the help.

ANSWER: I know this is very basic, but have you tried to boot the computer with the drive hooked up? Sometimes you would at least get it to show up in disk management this way. However, if it is not showing up anywhere at all there is probably some "physical" error. That is the worst case scenario with the outcome being that the drive is dead. With the symptoms you are having and the prompt to reformat, it could just be extreme data corruption. Still if you cannot access it at all, there is no way to fix it.
This is a long shot but check out . Check their forums and free software. There is a wealth of information there.

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QUESTION: Can the data be recovered?

Check out these programs:
If nothing here works, you would have to consult a professional data recovery company. Negative is they will charge you $1000s of dollars.
Where I work they sent a drive off to a company to recover the data and the cost was $1200 and they still couldn't recover it.

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