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Hi there,im sorry for my silly question and my bad english.
Today I had the three beep issue(dead ram) with my mac book pro. After some searching I found out that I could fix it with out taking it to a store.
I removed the cover and pulled the first chip and booted up the mac book, it worked fine, this was the fun part until I accidentally hit an xbox controller with the motherboard. The screen started to flicker and turned to black, I tried to boot again but it went back to the three beeping problem. I tried to remove the rams and switch slots but no use. dose this mean my motherboard is dead or both rams are dead?


I'm sorry, but your motherboard is most likely gone. The hit with the xbox controller probably did it in. Your sticks of RAM are probably fine (except for the bad one, or bad slot). Thing is, if this was a hard hit there could be more than one connection lost on the motherboard.

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