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Components for Building Computers From Scratch/transferring windows 7 to another internal hard drive


My Dell inspirion 1525 hard drive is going bad.  I ordered a new one. I was never given windows 7 discs with my purchase.  Can I click and drag the contents of my present hard drive to a an external hard drive then drag it onto the new internal hard drive after I install it. If not, what can I do?



         Sad to say that even if you click and drag the contents on your hard drive that would never work...The main reason is that the system files of a windows 7 OS is hidden at the hard drive and you really need to install a new windows 7 can still have a windows 7 OS if there is a program that was installed on your system that can create a backup disc of your whole hard drive ....i myself had create one and whenever my OS had a glitch i just run the DVD i made to install my OS as it was from factory installed....  

Components for Building Computers From Scratch

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