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RAM specifications
RAM specifications  
   I want to upgrade my laptop RAM, but i don't know how to read latency of a RAM .i have heard that if the latencies of both ram are not similar then the performance decreases. i have a dell XPS l502x. my laptop's specs are:

i want to upgrade to 8GB.
i have narrowed on Kingston-KTD-L3B/4GFR.
please guide me.
i have attached my RAM specification image too.

thank you

Without a doubt you are a smart man, but don't make choosing RAM more difficult than it is. I have been building, working with, and repairing computers for over 10 years and have never looked at memory latency.
Your computer has 2 memory slots. Have you checked to see if both slots are filled now (2x2GB sticks) or is there one 4GB stick. Either way it may be best just to buy 2x4GB sticks and be done with it. Matched pairs perform better. This is where I would go:
You can't go wrong with crucial memory. I've never had one of their modules to fail.  

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