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QUESTION: I have an hp PC and want to hook up 2 DVD burners so I can make copies. The DVD burners have a connection for a sata power and data cables, Do I have connect the 2 DVD burners together with a data cable to make copies from 1 to the other DVD burner or do all I need is to hook up the power cables.

ANSWER: I am sorry but I cannot answer this question due to the fact that the information given could be used for illegal purposes. Not saying you would do anything like that. I have just been answering questions on this site for years now and want to continue.
Sorry, Robert. Look around on the net and you will find the information you are looking for.

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QUESTION: I see what your saying but only want to copy home movies to share with family. Thanks for your honest response.

If you are just copying something that you made and there are no restrictions or legalities in copying them, you should have no problem hooking the two burners to your computer, installing the drivers for them, and use your burning software just to copy one to the other.
I would be glad to help with that. If the instructions I gave above are not detailed enough, get back with me. I don't think I ever found out if you have an internal burner or external USB burners or both. That may make some difference. However, the software is the key. What burning software are you using?

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