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I have a electronic component that I can not find any thing about. It has a GTE logo on it. The logo is black with white lettering. The part number is HD-840124-A. It has a date of 5/83 on it. All of that information comes off the plastic cover. The electronic board itself has the number HB-1029-A. I was given almost 300 of these things. Are they still usefull? They are in their original package most unopened. And are they worth anything?

Thank You so much for you help.

Richard Mayhew

Could you provide a picture of one of these devices?

I'm going to guess that 5/83 probably means May 1983, and that unless we're dealing with fairly standardized peripherals these devices are probably not worth anything beyond scrap; I'm guessing they probably aren't standardized devices if they're made by GTE (which is/was a telecom conglomerate (it turned into Verizon after merging with Bell Atlantic)). But this is an off-hand guess. Again, if you could provide a picture I could potentially give you more information.


Components for Building Computers From Scratch

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