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Smartphone with Multiple Display Units
Smartphone with Multip  
Dear Bob

As attached in the figure,

The Smartphone / Cell Phone Device instead of one will have two display units for viewing simultaneously . Both or One display window can be activated / deactivated with push buttons on the device. The Second rectangle has a door which can be closed and opened on the main display and is overlapped.

The touchscreen / keypad model will be shared with both the display units. i.e. common keys, push buttons.

As a example,

On default first window a Game is played, while on the second window, user is checking his mail box.

Do you feel, if this design (Smartphone and Cell Phone) is constructed, can this be useful to the consumer ?.

If not, can you suggest some design changes which may be liked by the consumers ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

If memory serves this has been attempted at least a few times in the past, Nokia and Samsung probably produced the most successful and noteworthy examples (the Nokia "Communicator" series is probably the best known), however I'm not aware of any contemporary mobile phone that has this functionality. Nintendo currently produces a mobile videogame system with two screens (the "DS" series), which seems to enjoy a degree of popularity. There are a number of modern phones that can output a video stream to compatible devices, using an interface known as MHL.

Regarding consumer experiences, that's something entirely different, and somewhat outside of my expertise. Overall I think it's fair to say that none of the multi-screen mobile phones "survived" into contemporary times, and have been instead replaced by a fairly uniform single touch-screen design (for example, the iPhone, and many other similarly laid-out devices). Whether or not this speaks to an ergonomic advantage or simply changing tastes is not for me to say, however. I can tell you, however, that data seems to indicate a benefit to having multiple displays in the workplace; but this doesn't exactly relate to mobile devices. For example, see here for a summary of some research:


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