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I want to build a gaming computer for a budget $1,200. Could I build a PC for this budget that would be better than a regular gaming console like the PS4? If so What hardware components do you recommend?  If not What budget do you think I need to accomplish this?

Here is one that is already built: $1200
Here is what you could do buying what is called a barebones. Basically you are assembling parts that are paired in a bundled deal that are compatible.
You can shop around on the last page and spend less. However, you get less.
I used to build computers. At one time you could build a really good computer for the price of a middle of the road Dell or HP. As you can see by the prices shown in the links, this is not the case anymore. By the time you add an OS, RAM, and whatever else was missing on the barebones kits, it would be at least $2000 to have a working machine.
Let me know how it goes.

Components for Building Computers From Scratch

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