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I wanted to know with internal DVD and Blu Ray drives for computers, what is the speed dependent on for which stuff is backed up to the hard drive.  I have backed up DVD movies before from discs for which I own (since our kids tend to scratch the originals), and I've always wonder how the system determines the speed to "rip" or backup the disc.  Is it dependent on the read speed of the drive, like say 12x, 14x read speeds, or is it based on the connection in the computer, like SATA, or IDE, or is it based on the "ripping" or backup program used?  Sometimes it seems like it varies, with some backups taking 10 minutes, and others, taking much much longer.  I'm not sure if compression has anything to do with it or not.  I see advertised read speeds on drive, which seem fast, and I thought it was all based on this.

I am considering down the road getting a Blu Ray drive for this purpose as we get more Blu Ray discs, but if speed will vary, I couldn't imagine how long it may take to back up one Blu Ray disc.  Maybe the best thing in that case would be to let not the kids touch those discs at all, ever.

Thanks for any help and advice you may have.

I think all aspects of your question will be affected by drive read and write speed. Ripping a DVD will be dependent on the data transfer rate of the hard drive and DVD drive speed. SATA is going to be faster than IDE.
My advice for the information you give: By the fastest drive you can afford and live with the speed.

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