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Dear Bobbert‎

Is it possible to design and develop Web applications where mobile users can view their inbox and outbox SMS Messages  ?.

As a example : A Website where mobile user first register their name, address, mobile number, mobile service provider etc. The Mobile phone user will able to to view his/her SMS - Inbox and Outbox messages on this website after successfully login.

As a example Mobile User forgets his Cellphone at some place and in case he wants to check his SMS Box on other PC, this could have been possible after getting connected to internet and view the SMS Messages.

Technically is it possible to design and develop web applications and also it is possible to integrate the same features in One's Gmail, Hotmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo email server applications ?.

Example : In One's Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc account, one can view SMS - Inbox and Outbox messages. That is the Email server applications provide these facility.

Is this System development feasible to design and develop ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

I believe that this feature already exists through some providers, at least in certain regions - for example Verizon offers (or in the past has offered) web-to-SMS functionality to customers in the manner you've described. The degree of interoperability you're describing, however, would require all of the various developer companies (like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo) to work co-operatively towards a common goal, which is likely more challenging a feat than the technology you'd like to develop.

Non-SMS services allow this functionality on a regular basis, for example if you install AOL Instant Messenger on a supported mobile device, and on your PC, it will function exactly as you have described. Various other messaging services can offer similar functionality, but will also generally require software installation on multiple devices.


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