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Respected Sir,
      Greetings! Hope Things good at your end. I have a delicate problem and i hope you might be able to help me. I have desktop computer and its dell gx 270 Model : N6016 Motherboard.
       Motherboard built in speaker and headphones are not working it says an error of code 10 with yellow exclamation on it.Without wasting any further time i inserted a Card that has speaker option ,2 modems option and a data connector of 15 pins on it.
       I want to use skype and i have used it but things are pretty complex when it comes to reaching out my voice. My voice cannot be heard to the other person but i can listen the other person's voice. Tell me a solution how could i resolve this issue and use substitute method for microphone.Is there any way out?

I don't know of any other way they will be able to hear your voice without using a microphone. You could use a headset, but a headset has a microphone. Speakers are an output. They put out the sound that comes through. To my knowledge they cannot be used as an input device like a microphone. A microphone is an input. Sounds goes in the mic and out the speakers.

Components for Building Computers From Scratch

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