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QUESTION: Respected Gerry,
      Greetings! Hope Things good at your end. I have a delicate problem and i hope you might be able to help me. I have desktop computer and its dell gx 270 Model : N6016 Motherboard.
       Motherboard built in speaker and headphones are not working it says an error of code 10 with yellow exclamation on it.Without wasting any further time i inserted a Card that has speaker option ,2 modems option and a data connector of 15 pins on it.
       I want to use skype and i have used it but things are pretty complex when it comes to reaching out my voice. My voice cannot be heard to the other person but i can listen the other person's voice. Tell me a solution how could i resolve this issue and use substitute method for microphone.Is there any way out?

ANSWER: good day bilal...

is your dell pc a brand new or just refurbished ? can try to reinstall the system files of your pc cause that may be the reason....go to device manager in the control panel and when you see the sound and video game controller look for the audio device and click properties and choose update driver if you are connected to the the same for the other with yellow exclamation marks....there is just some system driver might be corrupted....

hit me back when you fix it...

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Tristan,
     Glad to see your message:). Let me tell you my utmost mistake i made earlier. Well my dell pc is refurbished.It was a barebone.
     The real mistake i made was i shuffled up drivers. I visited dell site
inserted my service tag number and found out drivers and updated them.After when i updated them.Suddenly after rebooting my Soundmax digit Audio was disappeared and yellow exclamation mark appeared.So i must admit my mistake.
     Now how should i resolve the issue? I have updated the original Bios Version that is A04 before it was A06 so i have brought it down to A04.
      Is there anything i could do?



the last option would be to reinstall the operating system of your dell pc....this could fix your system drivers and even clean your pc from viruses cause your pc might be infected....its just a simple to reformat if your pc comes with an option to reformat to factory condition when it was bought....

good day to you...

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