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how can i connect desktop PC,PDA,shared peripherals,TV,camcorder,VCR,telephone,mobile telephone,intercom, baby cam,thermostat clock, furnace,light,for home networking design

First of all you will need to go wireless. It will just make everything easier. A PC hooked to a wireless router and everything else will have to be WiFi compatible. This is where you may run into trouble. I'm not sure if a PDA is WiFi compatible? Most smartphones are. I don't know about the camcorder or the VCR. They could be hardwired to the PC via the jacks on the motherboard, video, or audio cards. For controlling home appliances, they will have to be network compatible and will have to have a network interface including software to be connected and controlled by the PC.
That is the best I can tell you. I once googled "home appliance network" and found a wealth of information about appliances that can be controlled by a PC through a home network. At the time GE had a line of appliances like this.  

Components for Building Computers From Scratch

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