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This isn't really a technical repair type question, but I was wondering if there was a way to project what is on my computer screen onto another computer screen? I was thinking I could watch movies on my computer, but since my computer is across the room from my bed where it is more comfortable I might like to somehow connect another monitor up over where I can see it. I think monitors have their own input plugs and don't go through USB ports of which most computers now have many openings for? Any ideas? I already have a second monitor from my last computer.

I think what you're roughly trying to describe is cloning the output of your computer - this is very simple to do, especially if your computer has two video outputs. If your current system has two VGA, DVI, HDMI (etc; or any combination thereof) outputs, just connect your television or other monitor to that, and configure your display options to "Clone" the output (AMD, nVidia, and Intel graphics drivers will all support this functionality).

If you're using a laptop it should offer a video output, and you can enable "Clone" in the same way.

If you're using a system with a single monitor output (and it is not a laptop), you can get a Y splitter for VGA, but not for HDMI or DVI (they are digital, and require active circuitry; a 1x2 matrix is relatively expensive as well) - the easy option there would be an inexpensive videocard.

You are correct that USB is completely and entirely unrelated to video transmission standards.

If you need more specific direction, I will need more information about your computer (what kind of video outputs it offers) and the displays you're wanting to connect.


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