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I have a CA64 Rev.A1 Motherboard and are looking to sell it. Now I did not think this was valuable but after a stroll on ebay I found a DFI CA64 EC Motherboard (which is not much different from this one) going for $450. So I was going to sell mine for $450 as wll and was wondering if that was a good price.

A quick search for "CA64 Rev A1" returns a DFI Socket 370 board - is your board a Socket 370 board? If so - it's worth nothing approaching $450; realistically more like $10 if you can find someone who needs something so old (Socket 370 was discontinued sometime around 2002; it supports processors like the Intel Pentium III and VIA Cyrix C3). Regarding the extremely overpriced return on ebay - who knows; people can ask whatever price they like for equipment, this does not mean they will see that price, nor does it mean the price is fair or reasonable (I would be genuinely surprised if that board actually sells at that price).

If your board is not a Socket 370 board, I will need more information - like who manufactured it, and any other significant markings or descriptors. In general, however, I would not assume that the board will ever approach $400+ in value; generally only very modern hardware designed for workstations or servers will see such high resale prices, and generally the original packaging/documentation/installation media is also required to see the best resale pricing.

If you're dealing with a Socket 370 board, I would honestly suggest finding a location to recycle it if you have no use for it anymore. Best Buy should accept it free of charge.


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