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If I have a CPU that is 2 GHz this means it Processes Data 2 Billion Times A SEC.

And 2 GHz is 1,000 MHz.

Now if my DDR memory is 1333 MHz it runs at 400 because half of 1333 MHz is the real speed.

Well 400 MHz is going a lot slower then my CPU that is 1,000 MHz.

So what is going on why do they do this everything is at diferant speeds is this bad?

Should you always try to overclock the system to make your Memory match your CPU speed?

Or what am I not getting?

Memory speed is confusing. It's connection to processor speed is not what you think. Plus, whether or not the memory is set up dual channel effects speed.
No. You should not overclock anything to match CPU speed.
I'm not going to go into all the details about memory and processor speed (It would be a book). I'll just tell you how I understand it and have proven it to be fact in building many systems and using this mindset. You have to think of it in terms of water flow through a set of pipes with valves.
The pipe starts with the processor and goes on to the RAM. If the processor processes data faster than the RAM can process it, it will result in a bottleneck. The pipe gets too small for all the water that needs to get through. The way to fix this in a computer is to add RAM (increasing the speed of the existing RAM will only result in minor performance enhancement). Another potential bottleneck is to have a great processor, a lot of RAM, and a slow hard drive with a small cache.
The start of the water flow (the processor) can also cause a bottleneck. Everything else can be to the max and a slow processor will cause decreased performance. Slow processors have bottlenecks within them due to the size of the L1 and L2 cache.
Let me know if this helps any.

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