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Hi Mr Davis,  There was no listing specifically for external hard drive(s) so I'm taking a punt that my question may be answered.  My computer's hard drive is almost full and I need to clear disc space. I intend to transfer thousands of photos and about 7,500 songs to an external storage. My question is:  how does an external hard drive work?  Does it remove the target files from the original storage, ie, the computer to which it is attached, or does it just copy the files to the hard drive. thereby leaving the originals intact. I'm in my sixties and find it difficult to get me head around this stuff. Thank you, with best wishes, Alexander

It copies the files, pictures, etc. Connect the external HD, it will show up in "computer", open it from there. You can drag and drop into it. When you verify you have transferred everything you want to you can delete them from your internal HD.
Keep in mind, pictures, music, documents can be transferred. Whole applications cannot be.

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