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What are the basics for selecting RAM sticks that are compatible with the motherboard. Also, what steps do I take for proper installation. Thanks


You need to know what kind and speed of memory the motherboard supports, and from there you can select appropriate modules. Installation is very straight forward for desktop systems - you simply open the retaining latches and install the module (they are keyed, meaning they can only go in one way - the latches should snap shut with the module in place, but sometimes you have to help them a bit with your fingers). For a laptop you will need to know the specific model of system, and look up the service manual (or, if it's a somewhat popular model, there may be a user-generated video tutorial or article online). The primary difference for a laptop is figuring out which covers need to be opened to access the memory slot(s), but the procedure from then on is roughly the same (laptop memory is smaller, but is still keyed and uses similar retainers).

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