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I know the P3 CPU is an old CPU but I was just doing some reading on the net about the P3 CPU Socket 370.

And in the specs it says L2 256kB.

Now I know on CPUs now the L1 L2 and L3 are all on the CPU but with the P3 was the L2 on the CPU because I know the Older CPUs had the L2 on the Motherboard?

Thanks for the help.

The answer depends on *which* specific packaging you're talking about. There was a "middle era" of CPUs between chips that relied on L2 being external, to L2 being "on package" (but not "on die") meaning that the cache was a separate die on the same package (Slot 1 (Pentium II and early Pentium III) and Socket 8 CPUs (Pentium Pro) are examples). The Socket 370 chips, and the Slot 1 chips based on the same cores (Coppermine), do integrate the L2 into the die however.


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