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Components for Building Computers From Scratch/Moving from PS3 to building a gaming PC


Hello Bobbert,
thank you for your assistance at Allexperts.

I have always played video games on the PlayStation series. Instead of buying a PS4 for about $400, I thought of buying a Windows gaming pc, which will offer me other uses besides gaming.

So I wanted to buy all the necessary computer parts and have a professional assemble them so that I may save money instead of buying a pre-built gaming pc.

I wanted some advice on which parts I must buy to build a desktop pc in order to play the following games on a medium graphics configuration:

GTA V, Mafia II, Fifa 2015, Counterstrike, Battlefield 3 and 4, Age of Empires 3 and a racing game.

Also, I am willing to spend approximately $600, not counting keyboard, mouse or monitor. I hope it is possible to build a gaming pc within that price range.

Thank you!

I responded to your previous question, but you've provided some updated budget information here so I'm sending you a second reply as a result: within your specified budget, the PlayStation 4 is the best choice. You could purchase a low-cost Windows computer, like the Asus VivoPC, if you need a separate computer for non-gaming tasks, but within your budget you will be hard-pressed to build a competent gaming computer that will rival the PlayStation.


Components for Building Computers From Scratch

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