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I wanted to know what  25mA x 4 is?

I know 25mA is  .025 Amp so I do the math by Hand .025 x 4 and I get .080 Amp.
But when I check it with my Calculator is says .08 Amp I do not understand.

Am I right .025 mA x 4 is .080 Amp?

If I'm reading your question right, there are a few problems here:

1 mA = .001 A.

25 mA = .025 A

4x 25 mA = 100 mA = .1A or one-tenth of an amp.

Why the calculator is giving you .08 I honestly do not know; 4 times 25 is 100 (25+25+25+25 = 100). However .08 is equivalent to .080, the calculator is just cutting off the unnecessary zeroes. If you're working within significant figures you may need to state those zeroes, but for quick math there's no problem dropping them (it just drops accuracy, however you may not have had that accuracy to begin with).


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