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im looking to upgrade my pc to play games on max settings  im currently only able to play on around low/fair   here is a list of my specs
Processor: AMD FX (tm)-6300 six-core processor  6 cpus 3.5 ghz
card: AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series
memory: 8912MB RAM
motherboard: 760GM-P34 (FX)
         AMDŽ 760G+SB710 Chipset
here is also a link of the computer I bought in all
im mostly looking to upgrade my processor or graphics card  just unsure which  any help you could offer would be much appreciated

In order to better help you, I have a few questions: which games, and at what resolution? When you say "max settings" do you simply mean in-game settings? Or do you also want high levels of anti-aliasing and AF? Do you also need to run at higher-than-standard (e.g. 120Hz) refresh rates either to maintain vsync with a high-scan monitor, or for 3D? Do you have a budget? Are you opposed to building a completely new computer?

Generally speaking the "weak link" in your system is the HD 7750 graphics card, but depending on what games you're wanting to play, even top of the line may not do much for you - it may just be that the game is poorly optimized, overly demanding, or both. The power supply in your system is also fairly non-descript, but based on Cyberpower's reputation for skimping on such parts I wouldn't expect it to be anything outstanding - expect to need to replace that as well. I would say minimum you should be looking at around $500, but again without knowing specifically what you want to support, it's very hard to give you directed advice.


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