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Hi I have a motherboard here from a Dell Inspiron 530s and was wondering if these boards support any of the Intel Core 2 Quad processors. Any help is greatly appreciated.

According to this
Your computer currently has an AMD Sempron or AMD Athlon X2 dual core (if this is not correct and you are for certain the current processor is an Intel, let me know). The socket type is AM2+. If the current processor is a Sempron you would see a big performance boost if you upgraded to the Athlon X2. I would also try to max out the amount of RAM in the machine if you did this upgrade. A small amount of RAM with a semi-slow processor like the Sempron is okay, but the X2 will process a lot more data a lot faster. Maxing out the RAM will keep you from having a bottleneck.
Get back with me about whether or not it is an Intel or in fact an AMD. They are not compatible. They are competitors.  

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