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Keith Hi. I want to purchase a WIFI router for my DELL DIMESION E521. My question is this, can I use any router, will all routers link to the WIFI on my computer. Also. I'm looking for a router that is fast,  and secure for around $100.00 .  Can you help me and do you know a place to get a good deal.  Thanks Ken

Ok. The Dimension E521 is a desktop and does not have wireless. Never fear. It can be added easily. The only thing is you can't just buy a router to go wireless. You will have to add a wireless card or USB wireless adapter and a compatible wireless router. I'll try to give understandable instructions.
1. You can get a PCI wireless card very cheap that will work well. Here is a link to one:
The only thing is, you will have to install it. If you have opened your PC before and did any hardware changes, upgrades, etc. this will be an easy task. If you haven't you can do it anyway. It may just take a little more time and instruction. Let me know and I will give you detailed instructions.
2. Compatibility between the router and wireless card. One of the newest wifi is n. Most all n routers are a/b/and g compatible. I'm not sure about the newest which is ac. The link above shows a card that is n/a/b/g compatible.
Let me know.

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