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QUESTION: If a Motherboard had just all PCI 32 Bit 33 MH Slots I know they connected to the Southbridge.

But am I right if you had Four PCI Slots all Four PCI Slots would Conect to the Southbridge on One Lane?

So even if the Bandwidth of the PCI was 1133MBps if you had a FAX PCI Card and a Video Card PCI Card they would Split the
1133MBps Bandwith.

So the FAX PCI Card and the Video PCI Card would both ony get to use Half the 1133MBps Bandwidth?


ANSWER: I believe you are correct except when it comes to all slots being on "One Lane". I believe each slot is on it's own buss.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Well if each Slot is on it's own BUSS then why do they say they Divid the Bandwidth?

Bob, If you are totally sure about it, I'll not argue. I have never went too deep in the inner workings of a motherboard. I have put many in cases and added hardware. My main reason for thinking this is, PCI and PCI express are different. PCI express utilizes serial based "lane" architecture. The old normal PCI was parallel communication. Serial is a single bit at a time and parallel is multiple bits at a time. (I know PCI express is faster than PCI but that gets us into the whole clock speed thing, binary numbers and such).
Really though, if you have done your research and know for sure, I don't feel qualified to disagree with you. Good question.

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