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Dear Bob

What could be the probable reasons that one is unable to establish connectivity to a VPN Server using VPN Client software ?.

Many times one is unable to establish connectivity to the VPN Server.

But one is always able to establish connectivity to a RDP Server using RDP Client software.

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Prashant S Akerkar

Usually VPN issues are related to security/authentication - if the client can't be authenticated or isn't compatible/compliant with the server or networking appliances providing the VPN, connections may not be possible. RDP is not handled in the same manner - the requests/connection go out over the "open" Internet between two systems, and is generally a simpler manner for connecting two machines at different locations, although it may be less secure depending on specific implementation.

In general I would suggest contacting whoever maintains the VPN regarding connectivity issues - as the issue may be something as simple as their firewall not allowing the incoming connection (and you have no ability to troubleshoot that problem from a remote location).


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