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QUESTION: I have an budget of $~130. All I need to finish off my build is an Power supply and Case which MSI Blitz is. After looking a the reviews of MSI Blitz, I am not so sure I would like to get it.. so can you guys please help me on what to get for power supply and case if not MSI Blitz? Remember I only have ~$130 to spend. Thanks so much! is the reviews of MSI Blitz

ANSWER: I was not familiar with the MSI blitz case, but after reading about it there are a few questions that come to mind whose answers would effect how I advise you.
The case is cool but I noticed one of the things it has is "water cooling ready". Are you planning on overclocking to the point of needing to water cool your system?
Another thing that was mentioned is the fan control knob. I guess it controls the fan speed? This is not as valuable as it sounds. There are many free programs you can get, one being Speed Fan, that can be configured easily to automatically increase the speed of all system fans connected to the motherboard according to temperature. If it is software, it is automatic. If it is a knob, someone can turn it off or too slow. That could be dangerous for your system if there are no safe guards in place.
According to your second link, the MSI is $99 plus shipping (don't know about taxes where you live). Without taxes about $110 shipped. Leaves you $20 to buy one or two more 120mm fans, check out the link
It looks like the case comes with 2 fans. I like the configuration of 2 pulling air in from the front and two pulling it out the back. I have been able to overclock with this configuration and still keep my temps down.
I may be able to be more specific about what I would recommend if you could tell me what you are mainly wanting to do with the machine. Overclock, gaming, what other hardware you have in the machine, etc. etc. This would also let me know if a 650W power supply is enough. As long as the type of power is compatible, it is better to have more power than not enough. Years ago I crashed a system by continuing to use a 450W PSU after adding extra hardware. Moving to a 550W worked. According to what hardware you are using, especially multiple hard drives or multiple video cards or other types of add-on cards, you may need more power.

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QUESTION: Thanks so much! My goal was to make it for gaming. After researching a little, (New to making computers) I decided to do this to replace the MSI BLITZ. Is this fine? or do I have to buy another FAN. I think it already came with the cpu but do i still need one more? Thanks alot Keith!

Looks like a really good combination. I don't want to throw off your plan any or add any price, but I have to tell you my only experience with a MSI motherboard was bad. I had to return 2 to tiger direct before the 3rd one worked. I have used other brands; Asus and Gigabyte. Asus is my favorite. I've never had a problem with any Asus hardware. To a certain extent this is a matter of opinion, but I tend to stay with what works.
If this is your first build there are a few things I can think of off the top of my head; don't forget the thermal paste that goes between the heatsink and fan. It helps dissipate the heat away from the processor.
An after market heatsink and fan will cool better than what comes with the processor.  
The case you list looks really good for the price. It comes with 1 x 120mm fan and will accommodate 6 fans total (it looks like there is a place in the side panel for one also). For now I would get at least one more fan and put in the front pulling air in and in the back pulling it out. If you want to overclock, I would have a minimum of 4 fans moving air through the machine. Let me know if I can be of more help.  

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