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I think I e mailed you before about this but I did not have my Facts right.

I know pci 33MHz at 64Bit has a Bandwidth of 264MBps.

And pci 33MHz at 32Bit has a Bandwidth of 132MBps.

Do I have these right?

266MB/s and 133MB/s, but yes that is correct. As previously stated (just to clarify), this bandwidth is "shared" across all devices on the bus. Depending on the kinds of add-in cards you have, populating all available slots on a motherboard may result in slow-downs (for example if you were to install five graphics adapters and attempt to use them all intensively at once, it would likely result in a slow-down due to the PCI bus being a bottleneck).

For 64-bit or 66MHz operation to work, both devices have to support such modes. This is quite rare for consumer systems.


Components for Building Computers From Scratch

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