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I am having some  problem with my pen drive. Well, it started when I uninstall my antivirus on my laptop. And I think my laptop was already infected by virus because whenever I connect memory card or pen drive, all the files and folders in my pen drive turn to shortcut. I tried to install new antivirus and scan my pen drive and my whole computer to remove the viruses. I tried the attributes command in cmd to fix the shortcut problem. But it did not be solved. I dont remember what else I tried until when I realized that my pen drive already 'write protected' and I cannot do anything at all. I tried 'regedit' solution and the disk checking command in cmd as well. but i cannot solve it? Any advice you can give me?
Thanks for reading the story and I am very grateful if you can help..
Regards, am zura...

ANSWER: The virus probably infected the pen drive and the anti-virus software made the files into shortcuts. I'm not sure what OS you are running but I believe this is close to being accurate for everything but Win8 and it is probably good for it also.
You will need to go to Folder Options and make sure "show hidden files" is enabled. In different OS's you may have to go to "view" in folder options to access this. One thing I did not ask. Does the drive show it still has the same amount of data on it? If it shows the same amount you had before the virus, this may fix the problem. If this does not fix the problem get back with me.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am using Windows 7 as my OS. And I know how to view the hidden files with the folder option method. I am hoping i can find some ways to delete the virus that keep creating shortcut on my pen drive. I have stated several method i have used in my previous message. I have scanned the pen drive using antivirus and no virus is detected on the pendrive.

The first thing that comes to mind is that the problem may not be a virus. I've experienced this before. It happened with McAfee and AVG. Nothing wrong with the two programs. If you don't have the entire security suite from both, you have only virus protection. I remedied the problem with one of two programs, Malwarebytes and/or Combofix. Both are free. In one instance Malwarebytes removed a trojan and the problem was solved.

Let me know if this helps.

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