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I have a toshiba satellite laptop which I have found recently will only boot up after it has ran in an  abnormal state of black screen and no key response. When it does boot up it then works fine, no errors, no freezes.  The clock keeps time a date perfectly. I have tried to hook  up a flash drive or cd to start it but nothing.  Once it has booted correctly I hit F12 and reset all to factory settings.  Yet still will not boot from a cold state.  I'm curious as to what actual hardware is resonsible for the booting.

I really need to know what model and what OS it is running. However, I will give a generic answer that may or may not apply. In Windows Vista and Win7 there can be power setting problems.

Ensure the laptop is turned off.
Unplug the laptop's AC power cable.
Remove the battery (if the model has a removable battery).
Unplug all wires or peripherals. This includes CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, mice, printers, and any other accessories.
Hold down the power button for thirty seconds.
Reattach the battery.
Connect the AC adaptor to the power socket that was confirmed to be working in the first step.
Connect the other end of the AC adaptor to your computer.
Try starting the computer.

If this doesn't work try this:
When the laptop first starts, a message should be displayed specifying a key to press to enter Setup.
On most computers, this is the F2 button.
Press this button when prompted.
Alternatively, try tapping F2 every half-second or so or try holding F2 while starting the computer.
Once you enter Setup, follow the instructions displayed to reset the BIOS to defaults (usually pressing F9).
Follow the instructions displayed to save and exit (usually pressing F10).

If these things do not work, get back with me with the model number of the computer so I will know exactly what we are dealing with.  

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