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QUESTION: I have an Android Tablet and it Charges from the PCs USB Port.

The Tablet has a Micro USB B end that plugs into it.

And the USB A goes into my PC Port.

I wanted to know how to make a AA Battery pack so I can run the Tablet of it.

So I would get a USB A to Micro B cable.

Then I thought I would cut the A part of the cable open and look for the Red and Black wires.

Then I would connect the Red and Black wires to my AA Batery pack.

Could this work?

I just want to do it as a project.

ANSWER: No, this would not work (at least not as simply as you've described). The tablet likely requires considerably more current than an AA battery can provide, as well as more voltage (USB operates at 5V, an AA battery operates at 1.5V when at fully charge, and droops as it discharges). You can likely buy an external battery pack to charge USB devices, like this one:®-12000mAh-Portable-Smartphone-Bluetooth/dp/B008YRG

As far as doing it with disposable batteries, aside from wasting a considerable number of batteries over time, it would require DC-to-DC conversion and regulation to protect both sides.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry this is what I found.

You take Four Dabble A BAT. and put them into a Four Dabble A BAT. pack.

Then the end of the USB cable that is Standard A Type you cut off.

Then you cut the cable open and just use the Red and Black wires.

And connect those Red an Black wires to the Red and Black wires from the Four Dabble A BAT. pack.

Soory for the Mis understanding
this is what I am going by

That looks like a very bad idea - the four batteries will produce 6V (and that doesn't mean it "charges faster"). There's also no regulation or protection circuity. I would not attempt that project - if you need an external battery pack I would suggest a commercially available product.


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