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To Bobbert

First of all, thanks for reading and responding to my questions.

After my old original power cord, adapter and plug spoiled, I bought a new one. It has been months I have been using it with little problems. Just two days ago, whenever, i overstretch the cord just a little by accident without even detaching the parts, the power supply is cut off. It took proper adjustment to retain the power.

Few hours ago, I just plugged my plug into an outlet and the plug sizzled and smoke through a small hole at the back of the plug. Above the hole was a word fuse so i assumed the fuse has melted but i prefer confirmation as I couldn't find anything on the internet on smoking and sizzling plugs.

My question is the reason for it and is it fixable? If not should i get a new plug/cord or is it best to get the original plug/cord that is compatible to my laptop? Or changing the laptop would be more preferable?

Hope to hear from you soon and thank you in advance.


Anything that results in a sizzling/crackling noise and the release of smoke is not good at all - a proper fuse should not behave that way when blowing. My advice would be to have the laptop looked over by a qualified technician (unfortunately this isn't something we can do via the Internet), and replace the power cord with an appropriate model if that is necessary.


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