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First of all, thanks for reading this. I am not sure are you the right person to turn to but since other categories is of non related and your profile said something about building computer, you become my best option.

Anyways, to cut to the chase, the usb port on my laptop is damaged. And when I said damage, I meant physically damaged (hence why, I come to you instead of other experts who specializes in mostly programming stuffs). My sister tripped on the charging cable, yanking my mouse off the laptop and the port became bent, I think.

My question is, is it fixable? I have another usb port but is on the left side of the laptop (I am right handed)and is supposedly meant for the cooler.

This bring me to my second problem, which again, not sure is it your area of expertise but thought I try asking anyways. I have an old usb hub that is still working when I plugged into the cooler. But when I plugged it with my mouse, my mouse doesn't work and instead emitted constant red blinking lights (fyi, the light is always red). I hope you can help me fix this so I can use both the cooler and the mouse if the usb port is not fixable.

Really appreciate your reply and thank you in advance.


ANSWER: I don't think the USB port is fixable. You are lucky the computer still works. Usually the USB ports are wired directly to the motherboard in a laptop and trauma to them can result in complete system failure. This brings me to your second question. I'm not sure why the mouse will not work in the hub? Maybe you should try a different mouse? Or if it doesn't try a wired mouse.
One word of caution: I would be careful around the damaged USB port.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: First of all, really appreciate the advices and answers. Is just when you said caution over the USB port, is it okay if I get a bit more clarity on that? Like does it cause electrocution or something else? And should i switch laptop despite mine is still working really fine. Btw, my laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L645, which i was told is a pretty durable laptop.

Once again really appreciate your response, thanks in advance and sorry if i bugged you.

PS: i am actually using a wired mouse (assuming our definition of wired mouse is the same)

About the damaged USB hub; I was just cautioning about trying to plug anything into it or someone messing with it more so from a damage to the computer standpoint rather than a human damage standpoint. I would use the Toshiba as long as it runs. I am a believer in not buying something new unless you have to (unless money is not a problem).
You got me to looking into the mouse situation. What I've found out: It seems wired or wireless mice will work with some hubs and not others. It is a power thing. Some hubs provide enough power to run a mouse and others do not. In some cases it is proprietary. Example: A Toshiba hub used in a Toshiba computer will work. The other thing I came across is, in some cases, drivers to allow the mouse to work on the hub have to be installed. I can't remember if you said you had installed any drivers for the hub? All hubs don't need them, but others do for full functionality.

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