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 I have a desktop, a couple of days back I had this problem,
 "System shut down due to Thermal event overheating" making a sound. I tried to start a couple of times, but it didn't start. So, I separated the processor from the heat-sink and applied "process cooling thermal paste".

 THERE ARE 2 PROBLEMS, that aroused due to Thermal event.

Problem 1:
 Now the system runs but, I/O devices are not working (inactive). That is, monitor had no display (monitor light blinks) and neither the keyboard nor the mouse (optical) has any power. But, after repeated attempts to start the system, suddenly it works leaving a message on the monitor "cmos/gpnv checksum bad". At this point, I removed the CMOS battery for a while and placed the same at its position on the board. And started the system with time settings. Now, I could log into the windows, but works for few minutes & the problem of I/O (inactive monitor, keyboard & mouse) repeats.

  Kindly suggest the solution for this Problem 1.

Problem 1:
There is another problem that aroused along with the one I mentioned above.
Suddenly, I noticed that there is no "network adapter". I checked this at the windows disk-tray & even in the "My Network Places" (windows). There is no such icon.
  Got into the "Driver Manager" to check the network adapters, but there are no network adapters in the list, not even the PCI slots. I have a LAN card installed on the PCI slot of the mother board. The light blinks on the LAN card.
  Anticipating the failure of the LAN adapter drivers, I tried to uninstall the "D-Link DFE 520 TX", but only to receive an error (error no: 0x80040707).
  Is the problem the software related or the hardware one? If it is hardware related (if inactive PCI slots), is it possible to repair (service) the PCI slots?
  So, I could not diagnose the problem, I could only witness the symptoms so far.

Kindly diagnose the 2 problems (based on the symptoms mentioned) and suggest the solution ASAP.

thanking you,

I am understanding a little better now. For some reason I thought you had no way of seeing anything on the monitor.
I realize it is only one problem but maybe the key to other problems. Here is the fix for the checksum error you are getting better than I can say it:
If it is a software problem it will most likely be firmware (whether CMOS or other un repairable ROM). The key here is that the computer overheated and shutdown. This could be bad or not so bad. This would be according to what the temp reached and what kind of hardware you are running. An extreme heat event could render useless the processor, chipset, or different areas of the motherboard where the airflow does not reach.
Most likely my best guess is the fix will be to replace the motherboard.
My next question would be why did it overheat? Not enough fans, overclocking, fan failure, in a hot room, etc. etc.  

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