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I have to ask this if I drop a Cell Phone in a Tank of water and then put the Cell Phone in a Bowl of Rice am I right this will not save the Cell Phone?

People say it will Dry the Cell Phone but I always thing it will Dry the outside but it will not pull the water out that is inside the Cell Phone.

Thanks for the time.

You are generally correct, and the "bowl of rice fix" is more of an urban legend than anything else. In general submerging electrical components that aren't hardened against water (there actually are mobile phones, and other devices, designed for degrees of water resistance including total submersion) is a risky thing, especially if they have an internal battery. If you have a "cold" circuit board (that is, it has no connection to power and no onboard batteries) and it gets wet, you can generally dry it out and there's a good chance it will work if it's powered on when dry (there are actually some electrical devices, like keyboards, that are designed to be washed in this manner).

However in the case of something like a mobile phone, it has a battery built-in, so it generally always has some level of power available to it, and getting it wet is much more likely to cause a short-circuit and damage the hardware.


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