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QUESTION: This is my very first time planning to build a Desktop from scratch,im from Malaysia by the way,The purposes of my planned desktop would be gaming,but im not hardcore like wanting the best graphic,ram,etc.being able to run a game like Dota 2 and Warthunder would be heres the component that im planning to buy.

*Budget Rm 1400

1.Motherboard(GIGABYTE GA-B85M-D3H MOTHERBOARD) Rm 290          ***no problem in this one
2.Ram(KINGSTON HYPERX HX316C10F/4 RAM) Rm 182          *Just what i needed
3.Psu(XIGMATEK NRP-VC603 NRP-VC SERIES POWER SUPPLY) Rm 204      ***i thing this is fine
4.INTEL CORE I3-4130 PROCESSOR (Rm 368)          ***the price slice me
5.Graphic Card(GAINWARD GEFORCE GTX 750 1GB GDDR5 GRAPHIC CARD) (Rm 402)          ***the graphic seems very very high,like i said being just be able to run a game like Warthunder would be fine already

=Rm 1446(pretty costy)
The site im doing my Shopping

**will the component run together compatibly without crash or problem,please help this is my very first time**
(I already have Casing,keyboard,mouse,monitor)

ANSWER: For a first time build I would get a barebones kit from somewhere like

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: wow shut up..

Not sure why you told me to shut up.
Really, if you don't know what is compatible you should get something that you know is compatible. I can search every piece of hardware on your list for compatibility but you would not learn what to look for. If you are going to build a computer you should learn.
I can tell you what to look for in each component.
Processor: Socket Size
RAM: Speed (DDR2 DDR3 etc.)maximum amount per slot.
Power supply: According to what your hardware demands
Video: According to what kind of slot the motherboard has and whether or not you want dual or single.

Components for Building Computers From Scratch

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