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I am making a chart of all the diferant Slots there are and when I lookup AGP I can never get a Clear discription.

I know there is a fue AGP slots but I looked up AGP x1 and it shows me a slot like a PCi but just one line in it no breaking point.

Then another photo looks just like PCi with a Breaking point at the end.??

AGP is somewhat different from PCI Express in that the various speed gradings do not denote physically larger or smaller slots, but instead correspond to different voltage signaling models and associated keyings (to prevent damaging a card or board by inserting an electrically incompatible card). This article explains everything in gruesome detail:

AGP Pro is relatively rare for consumer hardware, and doesn't specify improved bandwidth - it's simply a specification to provide additional power for professional-grade graphics adapters (the 3DLabs Wildcat 4 series is a good example). It also carries conventional AGP speed gradings (4x, 8x, etc).

Also potentially noteworthy is the quasi-proprietary AGP connectors that Apple used for a few years (for the G4 and G5 era systems) that provided an extra connecting finger to supply power for the ADC ( connector. You can see an example here:

The "Apple unique" connector is the nearly solid gold connector near the very front of the card (almost directly under the fan). These cards will not conventionally work in a PC, but are AGP devices nonetheless.


Components for Building Computers From Scratch

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