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QUESTION: I do not know if I started to ask you for help but I found some new things that may help.
I have a Desktop a PC and a Laptop both with Win7 64Bit and I have my Laptop setup on my Wi Fi Router and always Print from it.

I set my Desktop and Laptop bot on the same Workgroup Name.
In the Workgroup Name Windows had       WORKGROUP   so I left it.

And my Desktop and Laptop both have there own Computer Names.

Then go to my Desktop PC an go to start and then type    advanced sharing.
Then set Password Protect to Turn Off and click save changes.

Then I do this on my Laptop as well.

Now I made a Folder called Music on my Laptops Desktop so I right click it and go to Shar Tab.

And yes I Add my Desktop PC Name to the list and give it Read/Write Acess.

Now I go back to my Desktop and Right Click My Computer and click Map Network Drive.
It then opens and I click Brows and it looks for my Laptop and finds it.

I then click my Laptop Name in the List and a window opens.

Logon Failure
Bad Logon or Password.

Then it wants me to enter a User Name and a Password.

My Laptop does not have one.

Is this because I always put my Laptop to sleep when I am not using it?

ANSWER: Seems to me you would just share a folder on each computer and set the permissions instead of setting up one as a network drive. That may the problem.  The network drive is only on one of the computers.  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: OK and one more thinjg?

When I got my Laptop I made a Password for the account so at the Logon screen I type the Password and then hit the account picture.

Then I got rid of the Password but I still have to click the Logon account picture.

How can I have it just go right to Desktop since I have no Password?

I think I may have already answered this. Anyway, in Win7 I don't believe there is a way to not have to at least click on your log in.
You could try the tweaks here:
Crazy name but the guy really knows his stuff. One of the tweaks is to disable UAC. User Account Control. This may be the ticket. Just read all about it before you actually make the tweak.

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