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QUESTION: I have a Desktop and Laptop both with Win7 64 Bit and they are both on my Workgroup Network.

Now on my Laptop I go into C Drive and open Users and pick the Acount and then Right click Desktop Folder.

Then click Properties then under Permistions I click Everyone in the Dropdown List.

And I have it set to no Password.

Then Restart.

Now my Desktop and Laptop are both on my Wi Fi Router and on my Desktop PC I right click Computer and click Map Network Drive.

Then I click Brows and I give it a moment and it finds my Laptop and puts it in the List.

Then I click on my Laptop system Name and it opens a window asking me for a Password.

I set my Laptop to Everyone and no Password.

So what is going on?

ANSWER: Generally you should not use your user data/account folder as a network share (especially as a mapped drive). Create a new folder on whichever system you'd like to act as the "server" and share that, and map it to the "recipient" system. If no permissions are established at the time of creation, it should map and be accessible correctly on the "recipient" machine. If the systems still don't see one another correctly, you may need to reboot both of them (this is not an uncommon "problem" with Windows networks).

Finally, if the "recipient" system is asking for a password to map the drive, and none is required (per how you configured the share), input your log-on credentials on the "recipient" system (so for example if your username is "bob" and your password is "1234" input those values).


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: OK let me start from stet one.

I am on my Desktop PC and right click My Computer and go to Properties.
Then on this page go to the Bottom of the page where it says System Name and to the right I click Change.

Then on this page I click change and now I set my Network name and the name of the Desktop PC.

I then do the same on the Laptop and restart both PCs.

Then I go back to Laptop and open Explorer and go to C Drive then Users then open the Laptop User name and then open the Desktop folder and then I see all the folders on my Laptops Desktop that I made.

So I Right click on a Folder I want to share and click Properties then click the Share Tab.

And for people to Share with I pick Everyone.

I pick Read/Write for Permistions.

And when I am on my Desktop PC and right click my computer and go to Map Network Drive it asks me to pick a network Folder that is on this Network.

And I see my Laptops Name so I click on it and click OK.

Then it asks me for a User name and Password.

My Laptop does not have a Password to get into it.

The only thing I can think of is when I set my Desktop PC up on this same network I did not set it for everyone to see it and to Read/Write.

Because I just want my Laptop to be the one I acess from my Desktop PC.

Is this not how this works?

And yes I did put in my Wi Fi Routers Password to see if it would work and it did not but I can print from my Laptop to my Router so I know it is ok.

And my Desktop PC shows me my Laptops name in Map Network Dive list so it picks it up.

Please help I think I am so close?

Ah, I see what's wrong:

- You do need both machines on the same workgroup (Windows will default to the unimaginative "Workgroup" and that can be left alone unless you have some cause to change it), however each machine needs a UNIQUE system name - it really doesn't matter what it is, let's call the desktop "Desktop" and the laptop "Laptop" (you can pick whatever you want as long as they're unique). Those names should NOT be changed to be the same thing.

- You should NOT be sharing the Users folder - it contains various system data that Windows uses, and can present a security or compatibility problem if shared and modified externally. You should create a new folder on C: (or whatever other hard-drive you have; you can use Windows' default "New Folder" or name it something more specific like "Share Folder") and share that folder instead. To do this right-click on the folder, select Properties, then select the Sharing tab. From there select "Share..." and it will enable options for sharing - the network path will be \\SystemName\FolderName - something like \\Desktop\New Folder with the above configuration.

- Upon doing all of this, if Windows wants credentials for "Map A Network Drive" simply provide the user-name that the system hosting the shared folder uses, if no password is required on that system leave that field blank. You should not be putting your router's information into these fields (it isn't what is being asked for).


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