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I am looking at this LED and it is rated at 11,000 mcd.

But the Viewing Angle is 20
and yes I know this just meens you will see it Head on but you can only go 20 Degrees to the side and see it.

But this will not be a Pin Whole Light just in the front?

The link you posted is no longer active and it just takes me to the homepage. Although I am not a lighting expert by any means (other hardware is more my expertise), I searched the site for anything with 11,000 mcd and came up with these 3
To clarify, what effect are you looking for? When you say, "But this will not be a Pin Whole Light just in the front?" are you saying 'it will be a pin hole light, not just in the front or it will not be a pin light, just a light in the front?' See what I mean.
Looking at the lights in the link, they are meant to be pin hole or indicator lights. Let me know. I will be glad to delve into lighting. I built a machine one time that had a 120mm clear blue illuminated fan in the front. It made the whole machine have a cool glow.

Components for Building Computers From Scratch

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